Schleich Big Red Barn
2. Schleich Big Red Barn
Price: $109.65
Wood Farm and Barn Set
3. Wood Farm and Barn Set
Price: $78.45
John Deere Big Wooden Barn
6. John Deere Big Wooden Barn
Price: $109.99
Maxim Deluxe Red Gable Barn
7. Maxim Deluxe Red Gable Barn
Price: $135.00
Maxim Nevada Barn
8. Maxim Nevada Barn
Price: $83.13
Maxim Desert Rose Barn
9. Maxim Desert Rose Barn
Price: $20.99
Down on the Farm Barn and Stable
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Toy Stables

Provide your toy horses a lovely home with a handmade wooden toy stable for your Breyer and Schleich horses. Our selection of toy stables include Breyer horse stables made from natural wood and handmade. We also provide you a choice of more affordable plastic toy stables. Furthermore, you can provide a home for your other favorite horse brands with a Schleich horse stable and toy horse barn. A wooden toy stable can provide up to four stalls with real working sliding doors. They may also have lofts with accessories but can provide easy access inside with removable roofs or open fronts for the child to again access.

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